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Buying a property is one of the biggest financial commitments that most of us will ever make. Most people when they purchase a property will require some sort of mortgage to be able to fund the purchase.

We know it’s a minefield, and don’t claim to know the pro’s and con’s of each mortgage, that’s why we recommend London & Country mortgages - they know the answers.

They understand that the many different mortgage deals on the market can be confusing and are available to help and advise you throughout the process, from an initial conversation right through to completion. They will take the time to understand your situation and utilise their in-depth market knowledge to help you find the right mortgage for your circumstances.

London & Country actually provide the mortgage service for many of the price comparison websites including MoneySupermarket, Go Compare and Moneysavingexpert so clients who go online will encounter them through these routes.

However - the advantage that you have is that by coming through Parkes & Pearn, they will give you the Buyer Protection insurance which you don’t get automatically given to you if you go through an online source.Features & Benefits of London & Country Mortgages.

  • They are completely fee-free for their services. Whether that is Initial discussion, making a recommendation, submitting an application or on completion, you will not pay a fee for using our services.
  • They will search from across the market for the best product with access to over 90 lenders in the marketplace. Last year they submitted applications to over 80 different lenders based on their products, criteria and suitability for clients as they have access to more criteria and product ranges than those with restricted panels.
  • Our introduced clients receive FREE Buyer Protection Insurance, which covers up to £1050 of fees committed if the sale falls through for various reasons such as vendor withdrawing the property from sale, gazumping, redundancy during the application process plus many others.

This covers:

= £250 towards Mortgage application fees;
= £500 towards survey fees; and
= £300 towards legal fees and disbursements

  • They have exclusive products that cannot be found anywhere else, many of which are market leading in the rates offered
  • They have advisers available 7 days a week, Monday – Thursday until 8pm, Friday until 5:30pm, Saturday 9-5 and Sunday 10-4

To find out more call 01579 343633 and get us to point the way, arranging for them to contact you for your obligation free initial discussion...


Once you've made the decision to buy a property and have started looking with local estate agents, one of the next things on your list will be to find an experienced conveyancing solicitor.

Having a good solicitor is key to the buying process as it could be the difference between completing and losing out on your ideal property. Most transactions fall through because of inexperienced solicitors.

Parkes & Pearn can recommend solicitors who are experienced and have a great track record so you have complete peace of mind during the entire process.

Call us on 01579 343633 or email us at to find out more.


From 1st October 2008 an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is required for all property whilst being advertised For Sale or For Rent. Energy Performance Certificates give information on how to make your home more energy efficient and reduce your energy costs.

EPCs contain:

  • Information on your home’s energy use and typical energy costs
  • A recommendation report with suggestions to reduce energy use and save money
  • Details of the person who carried out the EPC assessment
  • Who to contact if you want to make a complaint
  • Energy use and potential savings

EPCs carry ratings that compare the current energy efficiency and estimated costs of energy use with potential figures that your home could achieve. Potential figures are calculated by estimating what the energy efficiency and energy costs could be if energy saving measures were put in place.

The rating measures the energy efficiency of your home using a grade from ‘A’ to ‘G’. An ‘A’ rating is the most efficient, while ‘G’ is the least efficient. The average efficiency grade to date is ‘D’. All homes are measured using the same calculations, so you can compare the energy efficiency of different properties.

An EPC is required when a building is built, rented or sold. A building is defined as a structure with a roof and walls which uses energy to ‘condition an indoor climate’. This means it has heating, air conditioning or mechanical ventilation.

You should receive an EPC when you enquire about buying or renting a home. You’ll need to provide one if you are selling or letting your home. An EPC is valid for ten years.

If you are a landlord or homeowner and need to provide an EPC, you’ll need to contact an accredited domestic energy assessor. They will carry out the assessment and produce the certificate.

Accreditation schemes make sure that domestic energy assessors (DEAs) have the right skills and are able to carry out the survey to agreed standards. At Parkes & Pearn we have contracted assessors who are able to carry out the assessments for you. Prices vary from £75 + vat - £120 + vat dependant on the property size.

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